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Information portal for university programs
on renewable energy & energy efficiency

Portrait of the degree program

European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC)

Master of Science
Language: English
The aim of the European Master in Renewable Energy is to train post-graduate students to fill the gap between the growing industry demand for specialised renewable energy expertise and the skills currently available on the job market. The course is structured in three sections with specialisation in one technology in the second semester. Students are guaranteed to spend time in at least two different EU countries. Course in English language.

Educational details

Energy Efficiency Photovoltaic Wind Power Hydropower Biomass Energy Geothermal Power Solar Thermal Energy Buildings, Passive Solar Energy Storage, Grids, Fuel Cell, CHP Energy Policy, Energy Law, Energy Economy Conventional Energy Technologies 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Angabe in Credits (ECTS) © www.studygreenenergy.org
0 15 30 45 60 75 90 Credits (ECTS) Final Thesis, Term Paper, Project Thesis in the RE-field Courses in the field of Renewable Energy © www.studygreenenergy.org

Offer in the field of energy:

Chart showing the range of subject areas from which students can select their courses.

Structure of the degree program:

Chart showing the amount of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (RE) in this degree program.

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General information

Focus of degree program Renewable Energy and Energy Management / Energy Systems
generally application-focused
Costs per year ca. 7000 €
Period of study 16 months
Credits 90 Credits   (ECTS)
Compulsory practical period 0 months
Semester abroad compulsory
Type of degree program non-consecutive postgraduate program
Degree program offered since 2002
Degree Program accredited until 2019
Lecture period October - January
February - May
Start of degree program October
Form of study Full-time possible
On campus possible
University student placement system admission restricted
Attention: more details below
University places per year 15
Minimum number of credits
achieved during the first degree
210 Credits
Attention: more details below

Contact details

University University of Oldenburg
Supervisor Dipl.-Phys. Michael Golba
Additional contact persons MSc Edu Knagge
Tel.: +49-441-798-3544
Website of degree program http://master.eurec.be
Website of university www.uni-oldenburg.de

Specific features concerning the content of the degree program

The 16-month programme is divided into three semesters.
During the core semester, students acquire a solid foundation in key renewable energy technologies and the socio-economic issues surrounding their deployment.
The specialisation semester focuses on a particular technology. In-depth theory classes alternate with practical work in
laboratories and technical visits.
For the last six months, upon completion of the specialisation, students gain practical experience through a project undertaken in a company or a research centre. In December, each student comes to Brussels to present the results of the
six-month project.

Details of University student placement system

Candidates have to apply online, between January and June, for admission in September/October the same year.
Admission is done on a frequent basis.

Details of minimum number of credits
achieved during the first degree

The minimum entry requirements are a BSc (or equivalent) of a high standard, in an Engineering, Mathematics
or Physics subject OR equivalent work experience. A minimum of 210 (usually 7 regular semester) should have been approved.
Responsible for the content: Dipl.-Phys. Michael Golba
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