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Information portal for university programs
on renewable energy & energy efficiency
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Sponsors OF Study Green Energy

Supported by the BMUB and the Nagelschneider-Foundation

The information portal StudyGreenEnergy is subsidized by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety in the framework of the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Government. Co-funding is provided by the Nagelschneider-Foundation.

National Climate Initiative

Since 2008, additional funding from the auction of emission allowances has been available to the BMUB for the implementation of the Climate Initiative.The Climate Initiative aims to cost-effectively tap existing potential for emission reductions and advance innovative model projects for climate protection.


The programs and projects cover a wide range of climate protection activities starting from the development of long-term strategies up to solid aid- and investment measures. This variety is a guarantor for good ideas.


The National Climate Initiative contributes to a strong consolidation of climate protection on the spot. Consumers as well as companies, communities or educational institutions benefit from it.





Further information on the BMUB


The Nagelschneider-Foundation was founded by Hildegard Nageschneider in 2000 in Munich as a public foundation, legally responsible under public law to promote and investigate renewable energy from the sun, biomass, wind, water and geothermal energy, to create a sustainable and environmental-friendly system of energy-supply.


  • To produce a sufficient amount of energy based on environmentally friendly processes
  • To generate energy on the spot where it is needed
  • To convert energy without losses
  • To avoid release of carbon dioxide with climate impact
  • To drive cars without fuel and use planes without kerosene
  • To make use of the energy of volcanoes
  • To use energy from tornadoes and lightning


Further information on the Nagelschneider-Stiftung

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